Ella filmed our latest Sky Lantern launch

4.22.2011 — 3 Comments

I gave Ella the video camera to capture our evening Sky Lantern launch. I’m pretty impressed with how well she framed things for the most part. Not bad for a 5-year-old!

What she misses in videographing she more-than makes up for in her voice-over dialog! I am a blessed Daddy! (You’ll know what I mean when you hear her tenderly-exclaimed warning, “be careful Daddy!”)

Note to self: give Ella the video camera more often!

  • Mom/Sally

    GREAT job Ella Bella!!! Good commentary too!!! Good keep of it captured and recaught too!! Impressive! Love ya! Gramma and PapPaw Sheets

  • http://encouragement-is-contagious.blogspot.com Lee Ann/Mom G./ Grandma

    Oh my goodness Ella! You did a wonderful job in videoing and talking us through the Sky Lantern launch! You did that as well as a grown-up! You must video daddy doing more things like this again for us. You are such a very special sweetie pie to me and Papaw.

    We Love YOU!!!

  • http://www.joegormong.com Joseph Gormong


    Ella is hired!