MOVIE REVIEW: “Nacho Libre” (PG)

8.21.2008 — Leave a comment

In “Nacho Libre” Jack Black lives up to his “I’m an idiot” super-fame.
I was shocked at the Napoleon Dynamite similarities in b-flick cinematography and plot wackiness. I think the movie would’ve become more of a cult-following-favorite if it had made it to the screen a few years earlier and not “in response” to other cheap-trick flicks that became so popular before its debut.
As a pastor I, of course, enjoyed and may use some of the spiritual-applications that are present in the film. There’s a great “baptism” scene as well as some scenes on prayer that could bring-about useful discussion.
In all, I enjoyed the movie and I’m sure that somewhere there are pockets of “Nacho Libre” fans who can quote the entire movie and know it forwards and backwards, but I will err on the side of NOT being one of those people, thankyouverymuch.