VIDEOS – Sunday afternoon in a Cessna 150

6.12.2017 — Leave a comment

IMG_20170611_151115798_HDRBoth Ezra and Ella were given an incredible opportunity this week – a first for both of them – to fly one-at-a-time with only the pilot of a small aircraft – in this case, a gorgeous Cessna 150. Dave McCracken was brave enough to bring Ella and Ezra along – Ezra for his first-ever flight! Ella has flown commercially only twice in her life!

Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day for flying. I suction-cupped our GoPro to the Cessna’s windshield and put another small camera in their hands for the duration of the flight! Here are the results of that footage. I’ll apologize now for the (lack of) audio. As you can imagine, without a proper line-in audio setup, most of what you hear is engine-roar! I think viewers (especially those who know & love our kiddos) will enjoy reading their facial expressions and lips when they can!

Ezra’s first flight –

Ella’s flight –