Epic Snow Day | February 3, 2014

2.3.2014 — 3 Comments

What a treat it was to wake up to a 5AM phone call alerting us to the fact that there would be no school today due to the snowstorm!

We went back to bed for a couple hours not expecting the snow to be ‘as bad as they said it could be’, but we were all pleasantly surprised that we did have about four inches of wonderful, pack-able, playable snow!

After a spontaneous pancake-and-egg breakfast we bundled up and headed out!

A snowman and snow fort were our biggest priorities and I’m please to announce we accomplished both!

Check out our highlight video from today’s epic adventure:

  • Judy Davis

    Fantastic! Thanks for including us in your fun!

    • http://stevansheets.com/ Stevan Sheets

      thanks for taking time to read and watch! :)

  • LeeAnn1227

    Awwww….thanks for sharing all of your FAMILY FUN with us. Loved seeing you all in action playing together. Great memory making for sure!

    Love, MOM G./grandma Lee Ann