Deer Diary | Entry 2

10.23.2013 — 1 Comment

DCIM112GOPROToday, just after daybreak, I shot and killed a GORGEOUS doe that will provide for our family for MONTHS!

If you’ve been a loyal follower, you might remember my “Deer Diary | Entry 1” post was two years ago! I didn’t hunt last year because I was in Africa during much of the season.

Today’s hunt was on the same property that I shot my first deer those two years ago, and I am SO thankful that the Showvaker family allowed me once-again to harvest another blessing from their acreage!

I didn’t film the kill, but I did remember to put my new GoPro on my head as I first got down from the deer stand and headed out to where she lay.

(embedded video, click here if you can’t see it)

I think you’ll be able to sense just how awesome of an experience I had today by watching the few-minutes of the video!

  • LeeAnn1227

    Bringing home food for the family that you’ve caught, has to make you feel great Stevan! I know not all girls are like me, and I can eat the meat and hear about it, but just cant watch the video of it. Keep seeing the movie “Bambi” in my head.