Late Night Tuck-Ins (and an Ezra video)

4.29.2013 — 2 Comments

I got home just after 9 tonight – about an hour after the kids are normally in bed. I still ran upstairs before even taking off my shoes and quickly ran into Ella’s room to kiss her already-sound-asleep forehead as I promised her I would when they came to visit me earlier this afternoon at the church office. She didn’t stir even a little bit – something she’s known for in our family. I pulled her covers back up to snug her into her remain hours of sleep and quietly tip-toed out of her room.

Then I went into Ezra’s room. Mr. “Light Sleeper” as we sometimes refer to him, was out cold. He’s been sleeping much better these last few weeks since we upgraded him to a big-boy bed (the bottom bunk of a set of bunk beds and a comfy twin mattress). As I crouched down to fit myself over him to kiss him without smashing my head into the top-bunk I was just over his face when he did his signature scare-me-to-death move and opened his eyes wide just as I was leaning in to kiss his forehead. I almost passed out.

He focused for about a half-second before acknowledging that it was me as he said, “Hi Daddy!”, and quickly unwrapped his arms from their covered-state and put them around my neck and asked, “Will you pray with me, Daddy?” to which I obliged without hesitation. When I said “Amen” he rolled back over and was out again before I could get out of the room I’m sure.

I still can’t believe God has entrusted these two incredible children to the likes of me! (Their mother is MUCH more capable!) I am SO grateful for the privilege of being their daddy!

Ezra was on a counting-kick the other day when I made this video:

  • Mom

    Love it all including your nearly scared to death from our precious Ezra Bedezra! Tears as we remember feeling the same way in being so overwhelmed to have been blessed with our outstanding three children…Stacia, Stevan (you) and Sherilyn! There is NOTHING that can compare to God’s blessings!
    Love, Mom

  • LeeAnn Garrett

    Oh my how Ezra wrapping his arms around your neck and asking you to pray with him then falling right back to sleep…is so precious! Brought a few tears to this grandmother’s eyes! You and Jessica are such wonderful parents! Pap paw Scott and I were so blessed while we were there visiting, to see Ezra ask to stop and pray for the people in the ambulance when he heard the siren, while we were in the car with he and Ella. What a tender heart and also one that I’m sure has seen his daddy and/or mommy pray at any moment when someone needs it. Then moments after, hearing Ella say, “Isn’t Ezra just so precious (I think that was the word she used) to want to stop and pray for others?.” At that very moment I looked at Pappaw, and we both were so touched and amazed that God blessed us with such special grandchildren and children.