Challenges In Ministry? No way.

8.30.2012 — 3 Comments

chngsMark Wilson recently pointed me in the direction of a fantastic post entitled, 11 Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Challenges Unique to Rural Pastors by Able Barker – a rural pastor in Canada – and while I don’t dare admit how many I relate to as a semi-rural solo pastor, I think there’s some GREAT stuff in this post that is worth sharing.

Those of you in ministry (past or present) – what would you add to this list that goes ‘across the board’ as pastoral family challenges that don’t usually see the light of day (don’t get talked about), let alone their own blog post?

  • Greg

    The pastor always has to be up front. He can’t just be. That’s one thing that always has been an issue that is kind of untouchable.

  • Disableme

    Steven, Thank you for reading my article… blessings to you in the ministry brother.

  • Sher

    self awareness and boundaries – don’t you think those things would drastically change the tone of this list?