“We’re Going to Disney World”

7.7.2012 — 5 Comments

We woke our kids up before 6AM on Friday, July 6th and surprised them by telling them we were heading to Disney World that morning!

(can’t see the video? click here)

  • Sallysheets

    I love this so very much, Ella’s sleepy reaction yet with such quick smartness in figuring it out!  Ezra, quick with Spiderman response but slow in waking/rolling out of bed!  Both are so neat in their responses!!  GREAT plan/idea with the ears on the mirror!

    • http://stevansheets.com/ Stevan Sheets

      thanks for the kudos on the mirror-ears. I was pretty proud of myself for thinking of it, too! :)

  • Aunt Judy

    Good job, Mom and Dad!  Fantastic surprise!!!!

    • http://stevansheets.com/ Stevan Sheets

      thanks, Aunt Judy!

  • Abcds

    How creative.  Love their reactions.  Love the way Ella puts her fingers to her chin…”I’m think’n”. Her character list was sooooo like our grandchildren girls.  Ezra’s character was adorable…..such a boy!!!!  How in the world could you wait this long to go there???  Thanks for sharing the experience with us.  It means so much to soooo many of us.  Love and hugs.