What do YOU think about?

6.22.2012 — 6 Comments

What keeps you up at night? What ideas/questions plague your brain consistently?

Me? One of “those thoughts” is how we’re going to be informed of ‘things unseen’ when we enter Heaven – I’m hoping it’s not just an instant-download but rather the question-answer process that I enjoy so much.

Thanks to the transparency of my favorite “Internetainers”, Rhett and Link we have a look into two of the world’s best “thoughtful guys”.

Check out their latest music video – “Thoughtful Guy Rap”:

(can’t see the video? click here)

My favorite Rhett and Link ‘thoughts’ that they were willing to admit having:

  • I think about the first guy who ever shaved.
    And how many times did he shave before the second guy caved?
  • I think about if a friend was choking on ice
    I think “just be patient” would the best advice.

What do YOU think about? Seriously – are you willing to share “that thought” here in the comments? I dare you.

  • salty

    current thoughts include:
    1- are fighter jets air conditioned?

    2- why am i not eating a popsicle right now?

    3- how many people in asylums are put there because they really listen to God and everyone else just thinks they’re nuts?

    • http://stevansheets.com/ Stevan Sheets

      your thoughts are now my thoughts. oh, and you’re a genius.

  • http://twitter.com/PastorPriscilla Priscilla Hammond

    Everytime I see a mushroom I think, who was the first guy to eat a mushroom, and if they died because it was poisonous, how long did it take the next guy to eat a different mushroom.  Seriously, how many people died to figure out which mushrooms were okay, and was it really worth it.  Come on, mushrooms are fungus and they grow in poop.

    • http://stevansheets.com/ Stevan Sheets

      But they’re delicious!

  • Guest

    I think about my time in Iraq and the things that I had to do, and if I really had to do them.  I think about how God always has and always will forgive me, but how do I begin to forgive myself?

    • http://stevansheets.com/ Stevan Sheets

      Thanks for the transparency! I, too, am overwhelmingly grateful for forgiveness!