Pastor’s Kids

3.25.2012 — 4 Comments

Yesterday (Saturday) I was finishing up our bulletin for this weekend and wondering what music we would have for the offertory. From my office, I quickly sent a message to Jess asking her if she thought our daughter Ella would be willing to sing her first-ever solo at church. I suggested she ask Ella if she’d sing “Jesus Loves Me”. Almost instantly Jess messaged me back saying that literally moments before my message came across Ella said she was going to ask me if she could sing “Jesus Loves Me” at church the next day! I love how God works these sorts of things out in His timing! On top of the timing-wow, Ella also exclaimed that she wanted to sing the song TO Jesus – another wow-factor for us as her parents.

Fast forward to our offering time this morning at church:

It was a proud moment for Mommy and Daddy (and Jess’ parents, too, who were visiting)…

Ezra, being in the nursery, missed out on Ella’s solo during the service, so when he broke free from the nursery and ran into the sanctuary after service and asked “Ella sing yet?” He was bummed that he missed the song. We quickly asked him if he wanted to sing, too, and after Ella offered to sing with him, we filmed the following after our congregation had gone home and we had the sanctuary to ourselves:

Another proud moment for us all!

  • Gramma/Mom/Sally

    Always adorable, precious, intelligent, talented and corny at times too! I love them so dearly…both grands! Pap Paw feels the same!

  • Lee Hinshaw

    What a beautiful rendition of both songs from two of the most talented and adorable children EVER!!!! I had a HUGE SMILE on my face the whole time. Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment!!

  • LeeAnn/Mom G./grandma

    I am so glad Papaw G. and I were here to witness this wonderful day! Wow! What a blessing Ella and Ezra are to us, along with their mommy and daddy.
    So glad they love to sing and we look forward to many more singing duets and solos from each of them!

    Good job Ella and Ezra! xoxo

  • LeeAnn/Mom G./grandma


    I still think you should send Ezra singing “with the bug in his nose” comment to America’s Funniest Home videos!!! That would surely be a winner!!!