Wilson Family Lights

12.11.2011 — Leave a comment

After church this morning I was told about a local family that has gone all-out in decorating with lights not-too-far from our home.

I came home and did a bit more research on the home located at 490 Starr Ave in Chambersburg. I found a newspaper article about the home and the family behind it. As soon as it was dark we decided to venture out and check it out.


This was our first experience with a house that has been decorated with synchronized lights. When we pulled up we read signs that instructed us to tune to 90.9FM where we enjoyed “WFL – Wilson Family Lights Radio” which gave some background on the lights and instructed that all donations go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

I managed to snap just a couple of photos with my phone:

I also found a few videos of the decorated house from 2010 on YouTube that gives a small taste of what it is like LIVE:

More videos can be found here.