Losing Tooth Number Two

9.23.2011 — 2 Comments

Ella’s school had early dismissal today, so I took advantage of it and picked her up. When she saw me through the window she quickly attempted to get me to focus my attention on her mouth. As soon as she was released into my care I found out why – her second baby tooth came out during school today!

When we got back to the truck I pushed record on my phone and tried to get her to re-tell me the story:

(sorry about the audio sync issues, I haven’t yet figured out why this happens with my HTC EVO 4G)

I only hope that this time the Tooth Fairy waits until she is truly asleep to make “the exchange”!

  • Gramma/Mom/Sally

    So, so, so, love it!! Brave heart girl! Love her!

  • http://encouragement-is-contagious.blogspot.com/ LeeAnn/MomG/Grandma

    Ahhh, Ella is so adorable!!! I Love how proud she was of herself for pulling her tooth out all on her own!! Good job Ella! Papaw Scott and Grandma Lee Ann love and miss you!