Kindergarten Orientation

8.26.2011 — 4 Comments

Just finished uploading a video chronicling our family-adventure at kindergarten orientation the other night. I am still having trouble stomaching the fact that my baby girl is starting kindergarten in a few days.

I’m wondering if I can fit in her book bag so that I can protect her while she’s away from her parental units. Any tips for this father-of-a-kindergartener?

  • Aunt Judy

    Let go and let God! Uncle Ken

  • Gramma/Mom/Sally


    1,000 times too cute!!!

    Get the job of Kindergarten MASCOT Stev!!!

  • Glen Robinson

    You could create a shirt that says, “My daddy owns a shot gun!”

  • Deanna

    Another friend who is a momma told me that she TRULY learned the meaning of the words, “Pray without ceasing” when she sent her oldest to school. I would agree with that….. :)