Is Age Segregated Ministry Multiplying or Dividing the Church

7.12.2011 — 5 Comments


DIVIDED follows young Christian filmmaker Philip Leclerc on a revealing journey as he seeks answers to what has led his generation away from the church. Traveling across the country conducting research and interviewing church kids, youth ministry experts, evangelists, statisticians, social commentators, and pastors, Philip discovers the shockingly sinister roots of modern, age-segregated church programs, and the equally shocking evidence that the pattern in the Bible for training future generations is at odds with modern church practices. He also discovers a growing number of churches that are abandoning age-segregated Sunday school and youth ministry to embrace the discipleship model that God prescribes in His Word.

I am currently watching (listening) to a fantastic documentary, “Divided” that is going to be causing quite a stir in the Church. I’m a bit over halfway through and already knew I needed to post a blog about it and encourage my readers to watch it.

First, the trailer to whet your appetite:

This is especially relevant to my youth ministry and local church ministry friends and family!

The entire film is available to watch for FREE through the month of September – I STRONGLY encourage you to watch this film:

Find out more about the film here – or

The DVD of this film, Divided is available on Amazon for just $19!

  • D2U

    Yes…age segregated ministry has and continues to divide the church in multiple ways in regards to teaching and interaction. Don’t have time to get into it all right now…probably could write a book on it…maybe will. Wouldn’t have said that 15-20 years ago but now have the life experience to be able to look back and re-evaluate and the evidence is very glaring.

  • Brian Holland

    Very interesting stuff.

    • Deanna

      I haven’t watched the whole thing yet…. but it definitely makes me thankful for what is happening as we “Think Orange” as a church, utilizing ministry tools from, and doing “family ministry” vs. childrens/youth ministry. I can say PERSONALLY that this approach has transformed our home. I would also encourage you to listen to Scott’s series on the topic at Sonrise from May 2010. Good, good stuff. Would welcome your thoughts and feedback!

  • Deanna

    P.S. PLEASE hear me say that I am NOT saying that we have this thing figured out…. rather, that we are on a journey to re-engage parents in spiritually raising and nurturing their kids.

  • John Bryan Lowe III

    I’m a youth Pastor by occupation……. now where do i go from here.