The Cube Project – a 10-foot cube house!

5.10.2011 — 7 Comments

Wow. The Cube Project is an initiative of Dr Mike Page at the University of Hertfordshire who set out to build a compact home, no bigger than 3x3x3 meters (about 10x10x10 feet) on the inside, in which one person could live a comfortable, modern existence with a minimum impact on the environment.

I love stuff like this – the idea of building a fully-functional (and noted, quite small) home with the smallest of footprint (both size and eco-wise) is fascinating to me. I think it’s because I loved the idea of building my own tree house that I could one day live in.

Check out the tour video of The Cube Project:

More information about the project from their official website.

  • Jonathan Malm

    Seriously! That’s like the “fort” I always dreamed of!
    (I still take every opportunity to rearrange my couch cushions and build forts)

    • Stevan

      I know! Can’t you imagine placing that thing in the middle of the woods somewhere (with electricity, cable speed Internet, and plumbing of course)!

      • Jonathan Malm

        Definitely. XBox, Ps3, (probably not a Wii…not enough arm room), flatscreen, and a hug iMac and an iPad. I guess the house ceases to be green at that point. :-P

  • Jason Denniston

    The houses we built in Jamaica were 10′ x 20′. And they were major improvements.

  • Lissa Kristine

    I absolutely LOVE this house. Sure, the idea of being able to see everything from my bed is a little weird, but at the same time, I want a studio apartment anyway, so what’s the difference? I’d probably add some decorative touches here and there, but it looks amazing.

    And that lounge table is a dream come true. I can sit back, and then slide the table (like a hospital tray table) and use my computer that way.

    So, when are we getting these in the USA, and how much will it cost me?

  • merdax

    if someone know how can we buy one please inform me! otherwise i have to go to england,purchase and take it to LA with myself!

  • Quinn

    Very Cool.
    I could picture one of these inside of a Barn. My toys and Workshop in the Barn and a comfy, economizing space to live within.

    Sky’s the limit!