Family Pyrotechnics

4.9.2011 — 1 Comment

py·ro·tech·nics / Noun
1. A fireworks display.
2. A brilliant performance or display.

Tonight after shopping in Chambersburg, I realized it had been at least a couple of weeks since I’ve stopped in at Bravo Fireworks. It has been MONTHS since we’ve been able to launch a “Sky Lantern” due to the fact that I left my box of them at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in DC (I AM coming back for those, by the way).

So I stopped in. And of course I brought Ella in with me for a quick look-around. We got some great deals on a handful of items and headed home. Before going inside for the night I grabbed a lighter and we had a little fun. NOTE: when I was a teenager living in South Carolina, I NEVER thought that I would enjoy living in a state where “legal fireworks” consisted of ONLY things that had no bang. I am proud to admit that I was wrong – some of the legal fireworks we can use here in PA are TERRIFIC!

I captured a couple videos of our safe-fun tonight:


A “Speed Ball”:

Ezra LOVES “Bang Snaps”:

  • Lee Ann/Mom G./ Grandma

    …okay okay ooh ooh ooh do it again! I loved watching Ezra’s enthusiasm. That was awesome to watch! Oh and loved how Ella decided the sky lantern was delivering mail to Tinker Bell!!! Thanks for uploading this for us all to see and enjoy Stevan.