Sunday Review | February 27, 2011

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This morning my message was titled, “Heaven is For Real”. The text we focused on was Revelation 21:1-8 and I tried to emphasize some of the realities of heaven that we know about through the revelation of God’s Word.

If you can get over my nasal-y voice and are interested in listening to the sermon, the audio is here on our church website.

I also showed this clip from the 700 Club to introduce the message and give some background about the book that I had recently finished that influence this message (and its title!):

I did a full-review of the book previously here on the blog. If you still haven’t read it, let me once-again encourage you to do so. It’s available as a paperback currently for less than $10! Even a better deal, the Kindle eBook version is available for just over $6!

Our people responded well to the sermon and its topic. I think there is a widespread interest in the subjects surrounding eternity and what heaven is like. I’m hoping that today’s message will get people talking and thinking about what God’s Word has to say about what awaits us on the ‘other side’.