Sunday Review | 2010.09.19

9.20.2010 — Leave a comment

Sunday was wonderful at First Wesleyan of Shippensburg. It was an honor to have my sister visiting from Chicagoland and to have her share with my Sunday school class in the morning was a special treat.

In our morning worship I shared about being Grace-Full and taking a step back and being reminded at how blessed we are because of the Grace of God. We looked at the story of the 10-lepers from Luke 17 and were reminded that we are a lot like those lepers.

We celebrated Grace by concluding our service with Communion which we did in an intimate-setting by serving 8-10 people at a time in the front pew. Celebrating Grace at the Lord’s Table in an intimate setting has always been a preference of mine.

Next Sunday we have planned a carry-in fellowship dinner for the evening and we have 30+ people signed up and planning to attend! I’m looking forward to extended fellowship with these great people!