My new best friend: LGMedSupply LG-3000 Basic Tens Unit

6.16.2010 — Leave a comment

As I write this blog post, I am being “electrocuted”… and I love it. Seriously, the pulsing electro therapy I’m receiving from my $30 device is EXACTLY the same as what I’ve been receiving over the last two weeks at the chiropractor. I had never had electro therapy before and I quickly became addicted to it.

One afternoon while I was having therapy I did some research online via my smartphone and figured the technology would never be affordable.

When I got a Twitter-reply from a friend saying her parents had a pocket-sized device, I kept searching.

When I found the LG-3000 and saw it’s $30 price tag and read it’s rave-reviews, it was a no-brainer.

Want one? Click here.