Ezra’s First Birthday

5.29.2010 — Leave a comment

A year ago, these days were some of the most stressful of my life. Ezra was born on May 28th, 2009 and for the next few days we paced between Jess’ recovery room and the hospital’s specialty care nursery where Ezra was being taken care of.

A year later we are blessed with an incredible, healthy son! Thank you, Lord!

Yesterday, his birthday, our family’s arrived for the Memorial Day weekend to celebrate Ezra’s first birthday! Even my sister, Sherilyn, was able to come out from Chicago to be with us for a few days!

Today we had the “official” birthday party and experienced some timeless moments. Of course we captured some of those moments to share with the world:

After my parents and sister headed back to Middleburg and most of the rest of us took naps we took some time in the evening to enjoy our local park and got some great pictures there, too!