Awakened by the Spirit

5.2.2010 — 3 Comments

Yesterday evening we were eating dinner at TGI Fridays celebrating my in-laws anniversary after a day at the zoo. As I sat there enjoying the company of our family and we were discussing the days’ events and the 34-years of marriage my in-laws were celebrating, I was caught off-guard by a young woman sitting a few tables away – alone. When I first noticed her I tried to assess whether she was just waiting on someone to return from the restroom or a phone call they may have taken outside. I would go from conversing with our table to once-again being distracted by this young woman as she half-heartedly finished her meal and drink.

As I sat there wondering why I couldn’t stop wondering about this woman and her circumstance – and why in the world I was distracted by her – it wasn’t a physical-distraction, but a nudging in my heart – I leaned over to my wife, Jess, and told her that I had to “do something uncomfortable” and explained what was going on in my heart and head. Even after I made my intentions “public” (to my wife), I still warred over whether or not to even get out of my chair.

I got up from our table and approached this woman and sat across from her in her booth as I introduced myself in as awkward a fashion as you can imagine. She sheepishly greeted me and didn’t ask me to leave. I told her my name was Stevan and that I was here with my family and that I was drawn to ask if there was anything I could pray for her about? She paused for just a moment – and then instantly replied, “Please pray for my mother.” I nodded and asked if her mother was sick and she nodded in reply and I told her that I would indeed pray for her mother. I asked her if I could pray right there with her and she hesitated, acknowledged that she was “trying to clear her head” and said she’d rather not. I told her that I would share with my family about her mother and that we would pray be praying for her. I shook her hand and asked her name – “Audra” – and went back to my table.

I prayed for Audra and her mother last night – and again this morning – and numerous times in between.

I also thanked God for His courage to step away from the comforts of my table and family-bubble to interact with this woman last evening. I wonder how many opportunities like what happened last night I have passed right by because of a lack of courage or dare I say – disinterest.

God, please continue to direct me in non-threatening ways to those in need of a touch from You.

  • Kathy troyer

    Stevan, my heart was touched by your obedience to the Holy Spirit’s leading. If only each of us would be more aware of His promptings. Thank you for sharing.

  • Momma/Gramma Sheets

    Dear son, I am so proud of you! I know that WASN’T easy for you, your nature is different than that with complete strnagers, but God is maturing you and I am so thankful for how you are obeying His voice!! Thanks for sharing it and Audra will be being prayed for!
    May God be glorified through your step out and the prayers of those who help you pray! We will!

  • Kathy

    Thank you.