All I want for Christmas…

11.6.2009 — 3 Comments

Is a ride in this “Extreme Snow Mobile”:

  • Jason

    That thing is cool. You can buy those tracks and modify axles to go on any vehicle! I see your ranger with em!!

  • Jason

    I forgot to say there is a jeep in Leesburg that has them!

  • LeeAnn/MOM/Grandma Garrett


    I just read your tweet about Ella sleeping in her bedroom for the first night. Dad G. and I both laughed about the comment you made after that said it feels like you are sending her off to college!!!!

    So proud of you for working so hard and fast on getting that room all painted and put together. Hope you post about how her first night in the new bedroom went.

    Is Ezra in his new room yet?

    Love ya ,
    MOM Garrett