What I would say at Michael Jackson’s funeral.

6.26.2009 — 5 Comments

I’ve been thinking a lot about Michael Jackson’s sudden death over the past few hours and wondering what might be said at MJ’s funeral that could bring comfort to a family and fan-base that is mourning the loss of “The King of Pop”.

Click here to see what Steve Fee tweeted this thought that caught me in the right moment to be quite powerful: “Crazy thought … The “king of pop” stands before the “King of Glory” today … Fame redefined.”

Perspective, right?!

If I was asked by the Jackson family to perform the funeral for Michael Jackson, I would have NO CHOICE but to remind the family, the fans, and the world, that each of us has a choice to make. It’s a life-or-death choice. It’s a choice to give Jesus Christ complete control of our lives or to reject Him. Someone commented on my Twitter post that they pray that Michael’s dieing words were “Jesus save me!”

I doubt if Jesus will be mentioned at Michael’s funeral. Sad because no matter what is talked about at his funeral, Jesus is the ONLY thing that matters.

  • Kathy

    Very interesting. The truth has to be spoken – of that I am sure of. The one thing I would not do is make crass jokes and say mean things. My heart has been so troubled as of late, at how Christians treat people that do not act or look like us. I HAVE to be better. There is a book written by some Wesleyan pastors that talk about social holiness. One of the chapters was written by a female, someone in MI. She and her husband pastor in an inner-city church. Man what an awesome testimony. They minister to the people that other Christians (myself included) would not give the time of day too. Sorry – Michael’s death along with some other things really have me thinking about these issues.

  • http://www.sherilynsheets.com sher

    why do you doubt Jesus will make it to the funeral? Was there some place that Michael publicly rejected Christ? I’m honestly unaware of his profession… so the assumption that Jesus would be left out of his funeral (or his eternity) perplexes me.

  • http://ourlittlescrapbook.blogspot.com Deanna

    Read this on FB…. a friend’s status update…. obviously, I am battling being a bit skeptical; nevertheless, Family Life seems to be a reputable show….. so, here ya go: ” Was listening to Family Life Radio this afternoon and heard that 3 weeks before Michael Jacksons death, he met with Andre and Sandra Crouch and gave his heart to Jesus. How awesome is that….our God makes NO mistakes!!!!!”

  • Eric

    When seeing the King of Glory in His Holiness, Do you think “I’m bad” was running through MJ’s head?

  • Mom Garrett/ Grandma LeeAnn

    Hey Stevan, I’m needing an Ezra and Ella fix. Can you post some new pictures for this grandma! Thanks my great son-in-law!!!!!!

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