Loving People

4.25.2009 — Leave a comment

The message I’m preaching tomorrow is, “Loving People”. I’ve been working on this message all week long and continue to come across amazing illustrations and real-life examples of people who need love. I posted the other night a video called “Chicken a la carte” and that video rocked something inside of me. That same night our family sponsored our first Compassion Child – (more on her later).

Today I’m sitting in a coffee shop and I “overheard” something on Twitter about a website I hadn’t seen before – invisiblepeople.tv – it’s a Video Blog highlighting homeless people and their stories. It’s incredible.

This video from invisiblepeople.tv brought me to tears right here in the coffee shop:

Cecilia and Juliana from invisiblepeople.tv on Vimeo.

What are YOU doing to love people?