Why the double-standard?

4.21.2009 — 3 Comments

Why is it that liberals can have their opinions about issues (gay marriage, for instance), and can shout their slogans, ideals, and attitudes from the mountain tops, but when a conservative voices his (or her, in this case) opinion, some of those same liberals get caught off-guard and slam them for their beliefs?

I saw just a quick clip this morning that something happened with Perez Hilton and one of the Miss USA contestants last night and quickly found the clips on YouTube to confirm my suspicions:

I would hope that with any such platform (ie, Miss USA contestant) a person with conservative values would be welcome to share their opinion and ethical viewpoint without cause for such a media-uproar.

I’m embarrassed at where we are as a country.

  • Kathy

    I will never ever support Gay marriage! To gage right and wrong you have to have some sort of a “plum line”. I believe that the “plum line” is the Bible. To say that you are born that way is just justification to sin. We all are born with a bent toward something. Using the gay excuse, reasoning – at what point do you say that being “born that way” is wrong? IE: pedophilia, etc… I would love to hear an answer for that question!

  • http://www.jasonknepp.wordpress.com Jason

    Wow, that video blows my mind! I can’t believe this guy can say this stuff and even be on TV! UNBELIEVABLE! I know I am looking at this from my “straight” one sided mind, but so is he from his “gay” mind.

    Maybe he should run for Mr. USA! Hope he doesn’t have to alienate all the BILLIONS of “straight” people by answering a similar question!

    You said it best Stev, “I’m embarrassed at where we are as a country.”

  • http://www.shinnsstew.blogspot.com Lisa

    The double standard baffles me too. I don’t understand it at all. I’m with you in being embrassed at where we are as a country.