BOOK REVIEW: “Called Out of Darkness” by Anne Rice

3.19.2009 — Leave a comment

called_outAs a new Anne Rice fan and after having read her two previous works since her re-conversion to Christianity, I jumped at the opportunity to pick up her new book, “Called Out of Darkness”.

The book is her personal memoir of her coming back from an atheistic belief and to once-again relying on the transforming power of Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior!

Rice’s childhood story is fascinating. Getting this “behind the scenes” glimpse into the life of this famous author and one of my personal favorites was nothing short of terrific.

My Protestant-self had to re-read specific details numerous times and I couldn’t relate to every situation Ms. Rice had growing up or in her conversion, or in her hunger for “the stigmata”, but the stories and “real-life-ness” of the book made it overwhelmingly beneficial for me to read.

Oh to sit down with Ms. Rice with a cup of coffee and enjoy a conversation!