PA Update

10.26.2008 — 1 Comment

It’s Sunday morning, our third Sunday morning since arriving in Pennsylvania.

So much has taken place over the last two weeks that it’s nearly impossible to recap sufficiently.

My Senior Pastor and a team from our church and our Western PA district left early last week for South Africa and have arrived there safely for the next two weeks.

I am still working hard to get to know this church, this position, these people, and of course the area.

Jess is working desperately each day to continue to make our house a home. Ella has settled in nicely to her new house and absolutely loves going to bed on her “Tinker Bell bed” each night.

I have had my first “area youth network” lunch and am excited about having connections in the area to brainstorm and minister with.

I preach on Sunday morning next week. I am excited about the opportunity to address our new home church and allow them to get to know me a bit more by the way I bring God’s Word to them.

Mondays are still my day-off each week and I am already coveting that day-away to spend quality hours with my girls in our home. I look forward to the days when we can use the day to get-away and do some exploring!

They say that snow is a possibility as early as tomorrow! That’s almost music to my ears!

I’m getting antsy to get my hunting license, get into the woods and shoot something fury. I guess that’s normal when you’re surrounded by similar-minded fellows and woods to make that a sooner-than-later possibility!

God is teaching me to rely on Him amidst change and discomfort like I haven’t experienced in some-time. This transition has only been possible with the help of our Heavenly Father and through a loving church family, friends and family!

We get Internet hooked up at the house sometime tomorrow!

  • Mom Garrett/Mamaw LeeAnn

    As always Stevan, we are praying for you three, miss you and can’t wait to come and see you in a couple weeks. Once you have internet, pleeezzze show us more pictures online of your new home and the landscape.(wanna see that Tinkerbell bed outfit) If you get skype up and running, let us know so we can quickcam you online.

    Love you all three,
    MOM Garrett/ Mamaw