Obama or McCain

10.21.2008 — 4 Comments

I definitely don’t listen to Howard Stern, but this link came across to me today – it’s a clip from his radio show where he sends one of his guys into Harlem to interview people on the street asking who they’re voting for.

Each interviewee picks Obama, but the interviewer confuses the situation by asking them what about Obama’s beliefs they support – and interjects some of McCain’s beliefs. Listen and enjoy – hs_sal_in_Harlem_100108.mp3

  • Phil

    That is absolutely, phenomenally hilarious, and at the same time troublesome, because people aren’t voting for values, just race

  • Mom Garrett/Mamaw LeeAnn

    Oh that is scarry! Are people really that much “just followers” and not thinkers for themselves? What has happened to American values being at the core of our beliefs? Although funny to listen to, this also made my heart sick.
    It makes me realize that many people really don’t care one way or another about Pro-life etc.. Thankfully our Lord cares very deeply about many of these issues. We MUST be praying for this election and our country.

  • Jason

    Link is not currently working…

  • http://thrownhammer.wordpress.com/ Shawn French

    You can’t ask lemmings questions. it just doesn’t work.