God’s Future Plans for the Sheets

9.14.2008 — 17 Comments

I read this short letter to our church family this morning:

Church family at Our Savior’s Wesleyan:

Just a month ago God organized a conversation to take place that would ignite an understanding that His plan for the life of Stevan, Jessica, and Ella would soon be changing. We had not anticipated any possible change from doing ministry at Our Savior’s Wesleyan Church a mere year and three months ago when we first arrived to begin being used by God here in Mukwonago. We were prepared and ready for a long-term relationship with this church family and ready to face the tasks that were laid before us.

We have confirmed and been affirmed in our decision to follow God’s leading to move to a new community, a new home, and a new season of ministry in Western Pennsylvania – to be used by God and follow His direction for our lives. This decision brings sorrow, nervousness, and excitement to the lives of the three Sheets living just across the parking lot. We have made commitments to “finish strong” in all areas of involvement here believing that God truly has great-things in store in the life of this body at Our Savior’s Wesleyan long after we’ve transitioned away at the close of September.

We join you in prayer for the future ministry of Our Savior’s Wesleyan believing that God not only has a plan for the Sheets family, but also for the body here in Mukwonago. We ask, too, that you continue to love and support us through prayer and conversation as we make this transition a reality for our young family.

With a humble heart – full of gratitude for all that God has allowed us to accomplish and be a part of here at Our Savior’s Wesleyan.

Stevan, Jessica, and Ella Sheets

We have accepted the youth pastor position at Armbrust Wesleyan Church in Western PA. We will be moving in early-October. Please be praying for us, the transition, and for all those involved! We know this is God’s leading and we are excited to be pursuing His will for our lives!

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  • jaymie

    i love you guys so much and i am praying not only for you but for Our Savior’s Wesleyan too. Transition is never easy, but God is always in control.

  • http://thrownhammer.wordpress.com/ Shawn French

    Moving is never fun. Stop by if you have to pee.

  • Jason

    NO NO, stop HERE if you have to pee, you stopped at his house last time!! LOL, now onto the serious side, we wish your family the best and will continue to pray for ya. How far is this from “Jacks” mountain?

  • MomGarrett/Mamaw LeeAnn

    Hey, after you stop in Warsaw to pottie, you will need another pottie stop in an hour, so come on down to Bluffton!

    On the serious side, we love you and are praying for you and for Our Saviors Wesleyan church through this transition. God’s plans are always the best plans for all. Hope to see you in a couple weeks and help you pack.

    Love you all three,
    MOM G.

  • http://www.jessicasheets.com Jess

    Pee and potty–wow! I thought I had the mom blog!

  • Cousin Britt

    Please promise not to become a Steelers fan when you move to PA!!! BOOO!!!

  • http://www.bethanyjoyj.blogspot.com Bethany Johnson

    Oh yes. 3 and a half hours away, according to Mapquest.

  • Kirkage

    To my buddy that really knows how to use his BS degree….Keep it real, good luck!

  • http://www.jessicasheets.com Jess

    Britt–we didn’t become Cheeseheads, though we had to become closet Colt’s fans so they wouldn’t maim us! Steelers? No way!

  • Cousin Britt

    Colts yay. Steelers nay!
    We battle every sunday night at grandma’s when jordy and ben show up in there steelers jerseys. you should here what Reggie and Jake have to say about that!

  • Uncle Brett

    God Bless the three of you. I know who you receive your marching orders from and I believe that He is already preparing hearts for you in Pennsylvania. Jodi, the girls and I will pray for you.

  • Rich (Bro In Law)

    I’m not touching this one… call me some time when you get the chance.

  • Cousin Britt

    Good thinkin Rich!

  • The Fonz

    Aaaaaa now yaz gone an don it. Ya got the Fonz upset. Just when I waz gettin use to fillin all them waterballoons. What am I to do with em?? But seriously, I love you guys and will miss you both. May God Bless you and your family in mighty way. Aaaaaa

  • Beth

    I’m not a Steeler’s fan, but there’s nothing wrong with being one. Real men play football OUTSIDE!

  • Manda

    We’re gonna miss you guys, but I know God has wonderful plans in store for both you guys and Our Saviors. Oh, by the way how’s that cloning machine comin’?lol

    Love You Guys