9.9.2008 — 1 Comment

My buddy Jason Denniston (youth pastor in Fairmount, IN) and I have recently started a new youth ministry collaboration website,

We noticed plenty of sites designed for us as youth leaders, but saw a lack in youth ministers collaborating together for the benefit of the Church as a whole. Enter:

For now, it’s another blog with some new articles and re-posted articles of all things youth ministry. Eventually, however, we plan to include other youth pastors in our collaborative efforts to bring resources, articles, training, and the like. We also plan to include surveys and polls to broaden our knowledge of “how others do it” on various aspects of our ministries!

If you’re in youth ministry, be sure and bookmark and/or add it to your list of Bloglines or Google Reader sites!

  • Tim Wright

    dude…used a few of your pp games wednesday night…mucho impressivo…