Sarah Palin – McCain’s VP pick

8.29.2008 — 1 Comment

Just did some reading on Sarah Palin, the current Governor of Alaska.

Found this article that will no-doubt be brought up in the next few days/weeks:

Palin said she has smoked marijuana — remember, it was legal under state law, she said, even if illegal under U.S. law — but says she didn’t like it and doesn’t smoke it now.

“I can’t claim a Bill Clinton and say that I never inhaled.”

I am much-more interested in her Christian values, pro-life stance, and energy ideas! I’m just guessing those will be placed to the side to fully investigate her statement back in ’06 about marijuana. Maybe I’m wrong.

This has already been posted on her Facebook page

  • Jess

    I just think it’s interesting that the Republicans now have the woman on the ticket. It’s a presidential campaign with a lot of firsts!