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IMG_20170611_151115798_HDRBoth Ezra and Ella were given an incredible opportunity this week – a first for both of them – to fly one-at-a-time with only the pilot of a small aircraft – in this case, a gorgeous Cessna 150. Dave McCracken was brave enough to bring Ella and Ezra along – Ezra for his first-ever flight! Ella has flown commercially only twice in her life!

Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day for flying. I suction-cupped our GoPro to the Cessna’s windshield and put another small camera in their hands for the duration of the flight! Here are the results of that footage. I’ll apologize now for the (lack of) audio. As you can imagine, without a proper line-in audio setup, most of what you hear is engine-roar! I think viewers (especially those who know & love our kiddos) will enjoy reading their facial expressions and lips when they can!

Ezra’s first flight –

Ella’s flight –

We returned home Friday afternoon from a great (and exhausting) week at district Kids Camp.

I had a blast filming and editing videos all week for a nightly ‘highlight reel’ video shown in the rally. I’ve been told that 13-children made first-time commitments to follow Jesus at camp this year! I believe in the impact and importance of the camp experience. As camp-weeks become more and more expensive to attend and pull off, I fear the inevitable, but I’m grateful to serve on a district that believes in the importance of financially investing in the lives of children by availing a camp-experience each Summer!

Here are the camp highlight videos from our week together –

Brand new track from Switchfoot. Can’t stop listening.

Here’s the acoustic version (video) –

Take the burden from my arms
Take the anchor off my lungs
Take me broken
Make me one
Break the silence and make it a song

Life is short, I want to live it well
One life, one story to tell
Life is short, I want to live it well
And You’re the One I’m living for
Awaken o my soul
Every breath that you take is a miracle
Life is short, I want to live it well

I want to sing with all my heart a lifelong song
Even if some notes come out right and some come out wrong
I can’t take none of that through the door
I’m living for more than just a funeral
I want to burn brighter than the dawn

I got one life and one love
I got one voice and maybe that’s enough
With one heartbeat, two hands to give
I’ve got one shot, one life to live


Also love the “story behind the song” from Jon Foreman –










No idea what happened in 2007 that caused us to either NOT do a time lapse of our setup OR to have uploaded it somewhere that no longer exists :(


If you have 2-minutes to spare we’d love for you to watch our Christmas Tree Timelapse from this year – it’s a tradition our young family has had since 2006!

2014 –

IF you have a few more minutes, we dare you to watch a few of our other timelapses! It’s amazing to see how the quality has improved (I think I used a can opener to film the one in 2006), and to see how our family has grown over these years!

2013 –

2012 –

2011 –

2010 –

2009 –

2008 –

2006 –