Babies are Murdered Here

1.23.2014 — Leave a comment

bamhBabies are Murdered Here” is a new 54-minute film that was just released on YouTube by Crown Rights Media.

I watched it early this morning, the day-after our nation celebrated the 41st anniversary of legalizing abortion via the Rowe v. Wade legislation.

I believe this film serves as a powerful reminder to the Pro-Life-by-label community of the often-overlooked reality of what continues to take place right under our noses in the abortion mills in communities like ours.

Abortion is Murder. This should not be a taboo sentence that Christians are afraid of admitting. This is the stark reality that we’re becoming less-and-less willing to admit for sake of offending. The political correctness mindset has infiltrated the Church and we need to take notice.

Please set aside the 54-minutes required to view this film:

My two favorite quotes from RC Sproul Jr in the movie come near the end and I think are part of what sets this film apart from others like it:

“Now, can Jesus atone for this sin? For all those who repent and turn to Him – most assuredly he can. It doesn’t change what happened. Doesn’t change the nature of the crime. It doesn’t even change what would happen with a just legal system, but it does change the eternity of the person who commits the sin.

It’s a mistake to think that because Jesus can forgive this it’s not a big deal. And it’s a mistake to think that it’s such a big deal that Jesus can’t forgive.”

“It is not just an ordinary murder . . . it’s a wicked, wicked, vile thing, and we need to say so without diminishing the depth and scope and power of the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

Find out more about the film and how to advance its effectiveness at

About the opportunity and responsibility we have to speak out against the reality and horrors of abortion I choose to remember – in the words of one of my favorite hip-hop theologians: Heath McNease, “I’m too alive to be idle.