A Creation vs. Evolution Debate You Won’t Want to Miss

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debateThis is going to be interesting.

Answers in Genesis has scheduled a LIVE debate between Answer’s In Genesis President and CEO Ken Ham and Bill Nye “The Science Guy”. The subject: “Is creation a viable model of origins?”

Here’s a quick-video from Ken Ham talking about the upcoming debate:

The event will take place LIVE at the Creation Museum on Tuesday, February 4th starting at 7PM EST and is scheduled to be over by 9:30PM. They sold-out of tickets to the event (held in their 900-seat auditorium) in just two minutes after making them available via their website.

Answers in Genesis has also made available a livestreaming option to watch the debate on February 4th – originally they were asking for a fee of $5 to gain access to the livestream feed but have since stopped charging and are making it available for FREE!

To gain access to the livestream, however, you must sign up for access here at answersingenesis.org/live/debates/bill-nye-vs-ken-ham/. They are even encouraging group-watching so an entire church or small group could plan to join in and watch this event in community.

Why am I personally excited about this debate? As a young-earth creationist (standing on God’s Word and believing the earth to be between 6,000 and 7,000 years old) myself I am consistently reading and researching the topic of Creation and Evolution and the ongoing debates that result. I used to love watching Bill Nye’s “Science Guy” television program as a child, but have been quite disgusted by his recent attempt at silencing the Creationist voice. I’m intrigued that he’s willing to involve himself in this live event and look forward to watching the conversation unfold between Nye and Ham.

Here is a short video of Nye speaking directly to people like me about his feelings on the danger of believing and teaching Creationism:

Ken Ham talks about the importance of this debate in his recent blog post. Here is a quote from that post:

Because our ministry theme for 2013 and for 2014 is “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids,” our staff thought that a debate on creation vs. evolution with a man who has influenced so many children to believe in evolution would be a good idea. Now, those of you who know me realize that I don’t relish public debates, so please pray for me. But this debate will help highlight the fact that so many young people are dismissing the Bible because of evolution, and even many young people who had grown up in the church decided to leave the church because they saw evolution as showing the Bible could not be trusted.

The debate is receiving some unique media coverage and Bill Nye has been interviewed numerous times about the upcoming event. Here is a video of him on CNN’s “The Situation Room“:

Once more, all the information about the event is available on AiG’s event page including access to the livestream and the availability of purchasing a post-debate DVD.

What do you think? Are you going to tune in? Talk to me in the comments section!