What do you do with your camera phone photos?

1.13.2014 — Leave a comment

I take a TON of photos via my phone – it’s my #1 camera, mainly because it’s on me all the time. I upload photos to Facebook and Instagram and post them on Twitter a bunch of times each week, but I rarely do anything more with them. I have taken time to upload a “good” one or two of them to online print-services and even had them printed on occasion from Walmart or CVS, but those instances are few. I think I may have found a VERY affordable and easy option for people like me who WOULD enjoy the occasional printed image. If you happened to be watching Shark Tank the other night then you already know about Groovebook. If not, then let me introduce you!

Actually, let this video introduce you:

What they’re offering is MILES ahead of any other photo-sharing service that I’ve come across and it’s the reason we signed up while we were still watching the Shark Tank episode! We haven’t yet received our first Groovebook photo book, but judging by what we’ve seen we don’t think we’ll be disappointed! I’ve been actively uploading my favorite pictures that I’ve taken via my phone recently and can’t wait to get to the 100-mark and send them off for printing! The subscription-based model of Groovebook ($2.99/month) is so affordable for what we are promised in return that I truly think this is a worthwhile deal.

And for those who may be wondering – no, I am not being given anything in return for sharing about Groovebook (they have no affiliate program that I can find – believe me, I’ve looked) – In this case, I am simply sharing this new resource I stumbled upon!

Let me know in the comments if you’re jumping on the Groovebook bandwagon!