Boiling Water Into Snow (a DANGEROUS experiment you SHOULD try!)

1.7.2014 — Leave a comment

Dear logical, sober, straight-thinking people:

Please don’t NOT do something because someone says it’s dangerous. Yes, boiling water is hot. Yes, throwing boiling water into the sky is dangerous. Yes, boiling water that touches skin will burn you. Knowing these things, you can STILL have fun with the experiment sweeping the Interwebs – I promise!

We sure did:

Embedded video, click here if you can’t see it.

By the way, it was only -1ºF (with a windchill of -22ºF) when we tried this – so you might not have to wait until it’s MUCH colder to try it for yourself!

So, boil some water, put it in a mug (carefully, remember it’s HOT!), walk outside, and throw it AWAY from yourself and enjoy this frigid polar vortex we’re experiencing! (or just watch our video instead)