Up a hill (both ways) in 3-feet of snow

1.3.2014 — Leave a comment

The recent news-blast of school closings due to weather-related issues has me thinking . . .

Remember when your parents or grandparents would tell the story of how difficult they had it in their day? The story of walking to school included an impossible route that required them to march up a steep-sloped hill on both their going and coming – often with 3-or-more feet of snow covering the ground and maybe even the threat of real-life trolls hanging out beneath the bridge they had to cross. I heard this and similarly drawn-out, embellished stories and truthfully, I have even adapted my own! To my school-aged daughter I’ve complained about my own ‘trials’ of having to wait for the bus in Middle School at a bus stop within sight of our house’s front door (if you turned your head just right).

This morning I happened upon a collection of pictures of real kids with REAL stories-worth-telling of their difficult walks to school.

You can see all 17 pictures (and accurate descriptions) here.

Kind of puts things into a different perspective, no?

These picture-stories remind me of the now-viral video “First-world Problems Anthem” that made its rounds last year:

What do you think? Are we (as an American culture) too-quick to cancel school (or complain about our first-world problems with getting there) all the while neglecting to even THINK about what others are dealing with to pursue their opportunity for education?