Kite™ – defending humans from mosquitos

7.31.2013 — Leave a comment

redI’m proud to announce that our small family has just recently jumped on the Kite™ bandwagon and is supporting this campaign to literally CHANGE THE WORLD!

Kite™ is “an innovative, powerful and surprisingly small sticker that protects humans from mosquitoes.”

The Kite™ uses patent-pending (and FDA-approved) compounds that block mosquitoes’ ability to track humans for up to 48 hours. This could be the game-changer in countries (and continents) where a bite from a mosquito can literally be a matter between life-and-death.

As soon as I read through what this company had invented and were doing to crowd-fund their first batch of stickers to test in Uganda, I txted my wife and told her we need to jump on this opportunity to support such a great initiative! She agreed and moments later we were supporting Kite™! We have joined with THOUSANDS of supporters to see these stickers come to life and provide relief in places we know will benefit! The crowd-funding initiative reached 100% of its goal within 4-days of launch and has continued to see steady growth! It’s not too late to jump onto the bandwagon and support this great product!

Check out what Kite™ is doing and how YOU can be a part of this initial crowd-sourced fundraising effort to put stickers ON THE GROUND in Uganda!

Kite Hand 1