Last Week’s YouTube Likes

5.6.2013 — Leave a comment

This is becoming (again) a regularly-occurring blog post, so I decided to add the above image to help set it off when it does appear. I will try to post these on Saturdays, but last week got a little out of hand and I had to wait until today to post my YouTube likes.

I have received some feedback that these posts are helpful and fun. I can’t imagine how many YouTube videos I see in a given week, but when I “like” them, they will often fall into these weekly blog posts. If you’ve benefited even slightly from this or previous “YouTube likes” posts, would you take a second to let me know? Or better yet, share this post (it’s pretty simple to share using the buttons at the bottom of this post). Thanks!

Here we go:

10 Parenting Hacks, the first one is worth the price of admission alone:

The history (‘etymology’ for you fancy-word people) of the word “okay”.

How water gets recycled on the International Space Station (yes, what you think they do with body fluids actually does happen):

A very capable toddler telling her Daddy to “worry about yourself“:

Street-musician playing a “hang drum” (I already searched for a DIY tutorial on building my own – seems it’s MUCH more difficult than you’d imagine):

The future of in-home gaming and entertainment is IllumiRoom:

In-Car-technology is getting better and better, but this is just incredible to think about – headlights that ‘erase’ rain drops:

Finally, here’s why you don’t win at Carnival games: