Skinning a Rabbit – A Six-Year-Old Girl’s Perspective

2.18.2013 — 1 Comment

It won’t win an Oscar, but I happen to believe this is one of the finest 12-minute videos ever filmed. Ella agreed to be brave this afternoon and watch us clean whatever we came home with from our morning hunting. When we returned from our hunt with a single hare, Ella said she wanted to FILM it too!

Her commentary is priceless. I think you’ll agree.

If you can’t see the embedded video, click here.

After we cooked the rabbit I finally talked Ella into trying a piece! We captured the first-taste on video, too. For the record, she ate more than ANY of us today! She’s hooked and already has said that she is excited to join me on a hunt in the future (as long as she can have a pink gun)!

Here’s her first-taste video:

If you can’t see this embedded video, click here.

  • Grandma Lee Ann

    “…and this is a kid making this video and I am so0000 grossed out!” ……LOVED HER COMMENTARY and quite impressed that she stayed to video the whole 12 minutes.
    Good job Ella!!!