Another Science with the Sheets Experiment

9.27.2012 — 3 Comments

Decided to bring Ezra in on the fun this time!

Color changing milk experiment we learned from Steve Spangler:

This video shows the COMPLETE difference between boy/girl and a 3/6 year old doing science experiments with a frazzled-daddy.

  • greg.

    ‘no, it’s not hilarious.’ best dad quote ever.

  • Mom G./ Grandma LeeAnn

    Good job Ezra, Ella and Daddy!!! For age 3 and being a curious little boy, I think Ezra did great!!! Ella is a pro of course! This was a great family video for teaching Dad’s how to be patient.. I ‘m still giggling!

    Grandma Lee Ann

  • Joseph Wells

    Did anyone notice hers kind of looks like the milky way