Bill Nye the Humanist Guy

9.6.2012 — Leave a comment

bnshBill Nye (of former “Science Guy” fame) once taught me cool science-stuff (no where near as cool as Mr. Wizard) on PBS during my Jr/Sr High School years. He was the “safe” scientist back then.

Recently, Nye was featured in a “Big Think” video entitled, “Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children” which can be viewed at this link. In his two-and-a-half-minute video, Nye declares some pretty heavy statements regarding the “danger” of teaching Creationism to children. He even makes a broad statement that in just a couple centuries “that world view will not exist”, and that “there’s just no evidence for it”.

I think the video is worth watching:

At present time, the video has been viewed more than 4-million times and it is continuing to gain momentum.

In this ‘digital age’ where strong statements often find their way onto YouTube with a MUCH larger audience than many other platforms, I’m pleased that the folks at Answers in Genesis have released at least two videos refuting Nye’s claims. I think, they too, are worth watching:

First, a video featuring two of the Creation Museum’s “Science Guys”, Dr. David Menton (PhD in Biology from Brown University) and Dr. Georgia Purdom (Phd in Molecular Genetics from Ohio State University).

Second is a response from Ken Ham – the President & CEO of the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis: