Never a dull moment at the Sheets breakfast table

8.8.2012 — 3 Comments

I promise our breakfast table is as entertaining as anything else you could be watching on television while eating breakfast.

  • Aunt Judy

    Oh my goodness!  How entertaining!!!!!!

    • Stevan Sheets

      we think so, too! :)
      this is the same kid who will be handing out bubbles at a wedding next week…

  • Lee Ann/ Mom G./Grandma G.

    hahahaha,,,,I love how Ezra has to make everything into a song!!!!   So funny to see him singing his funny words and then when told to eat his cereal, his facial expressions change so quickly to seriousness and then right back to the funny song again.  The youngest in the family is usually a natural born entertainer….and I think Ezra is proving this true!  Love this special little guy and his sister and his mom and dad!!