Healthy Debate on Creationism

7.31.2012 — 3 Comments

I usually don’t watch TBN (that statement probably deserves its own blog post), but I happened upon this 2-hour episode of their show, “Praise the Lord” that I think is worth sharing. I have had the privilege of watching (read: “listening in the background”) this episode hosted by Matt Crouch where TBN brought together some of the loudest voices in the ‘Creationism’ conversation for a healthy debate.

Personally, I side with Ken Ham and his “Bible-first” argument (how can we not?), but I think watching the debate is good for us as Christian brothers and sisters. I have much to learn in being ready to carry on difficult conversations like this!

If you can’t see the embedded video above, you can go here to watch the episode.

  • Scott Moore

    Im enjoying the video thank you Stevan.  I found the new earth older guy aggravating as he is always on the offensive versus being a listener and humble.  That hurts his credibility for me as someone to follow.  I am writing this in the middle of watching but I assume the debate was not finalized by the end of this show. :) I am thankful for smart people who can articulate thoughts to sharpen my mind on these topics.  thanks again.

    • Stevan Sheets

      Ken Ham (the “new earth older guy”) is one of my personal heroes. I have watched, listened, and read him for years now. I can see where you’d have the opinion of him being always on the offensive – and I think it’s warranted – especially in these conversations. (he’s debated with the same guy he debates mainly with in this video) and nothing ‘new’ was probably even brought up in this conversation, but it is important to point out the dangers of a ‘millions of years’ mindset within the Church. I think his ‘on the offensive’ shows his passion for what he believes.

  • Human Ape

    The bible-first idea is ridiculously anti-science and anti-reality.

    Have you science deniers ever considered the possibility the world’s biologists are correct about evolution and you’re wrong about everything? Do you ever worry you’re wasting your life believing in childish fantasies?