Paragliding Over New Smyrna Beach

7.12.2012 — 1 Comment

Tonight as we were finishing dinner in our condo here in New Smyrna Beach we were reminiscing about our vacation adventures and realizing how short of time we have left (we’re leaving Saturday morning to start our trip home!) so we left dirty dishes on the table and headed to the beach to play in the sand and splash in the surf.

As we approached our boardwalk entrance to the beach I spotted a guy carrying his paragliding fan down the steps. I increased my pace.

We arrived on the beach in time to see him set up and take off! Of course I captured it on video –

He landed right back where he took off from – just behind where we were – Ezra took off to go visit the guy and tell him how cool he was!

We have had QUITE the vacation-adventure here in Florida! We are SO blessed!

  • Rodney Johnson

    Thats awesome, Stevan! So happy you guys had an awesome trip. We will say an extra prayer for you guys to have a safe journey home as well as tomorrow, too!