Who’s the Leader of the Club That’s Made for You and Me?

7.6.2012 — 4 Comments


It’s not quite 6AM… We haven’t told the kids what we’re doing today…

Think they’ll notice?

  • chaseurlion

    Stevan, the blog looks amazing.  I did the Standard 3 upgrade, but the concussion has kept me from doing a lot of tinkering.  Hope you’re having an amazing time and that you’re 3 year old is not as scared of Mickey as ours were.

    • http://stevansheets.com/ Stevan Sheets

      So far, so good, brother!

  • Joel

    That is such an awesome idea!  Did they figure it out??  I hope your having a blast.

    • http://stevansheets.com/ Stevan Sheets

      Video tomorrow! We’re just note leaving the park!