Today, We Ride.

7.1.2012 — 16 Comments

mapAfter church this morning we will load up our final beach-supplies and begin the trek South to Sunny (hot, sticky, etc.,) Florida!

I’m looking forward to being “that Dad” today that keeps track of gas-mileage, moves the family along during potty-breaks, and attempts to drink 3-or-more 5-Hour Energy Drinks in one sitting.

I know for a fact that songs will be sung (“Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy…”), stories will be read, movies will be watched, and tears will probably be shed.

If my calculations are correct and my travel-plan-A works as planned, we should be arriving just in time for the sunrise Monday morning!

HELP! If you happen to read this post between 1PM Sunday and 6AM Monday, consider leaving a comment and giving us some travel-tips. We are traveling with a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old and many of you seasoned families have some tried-and-true travel tips you could share with us. We would LOVE your input from your road-trip experiences and whoever is riding shotgun will be able to read the comments, so go-ahead, let us have it!


  • Adamjohnhitchcock

    Give me a call for any other information I’ve been there 1,000,000 times…7175526353….i would rum 81 to 77 to 26 tp 95 to fla…be safe

    • Stevan Sheets

      Interstate-only travel was my first-choice, but then we were tipped off to the 66-route to bypass the DC traffic (of which we’ve had some experience before and are glad to avoid)

  • David Wesley Gould

    I would definitely encourage you to make a ‘brief’ detour to have lunch with the Wesleyan pastor in Nashville, TN.

    Seriously though, Whataburger is a great fast food joint that you probably don’t have in the northeast (their website has locations). The GasBuddy app is your friend. Sand is your enemy in the car. Enjoy! Make memories… and if necessary, make plans.

  • Sallysheets

    PLEASE remember to FEED those two grandchildren!  And those energy drinks…can we reconsider them…do we need to talk?!!!!  Pap Paw P says, “no petting any alligators no matter how adorable Ezra thinks they are!”

    • Mom G./Grandma/Lee Ann

      I so agree about NO PETTING ALLIGATORS for Ezra!!!!

  • Sallysheets

    Something along and handy for barfing in “just in case” scenarios!   PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – don’t even consider the thought to close your eyes for even a millisecond…STOP to REST!!!  We are praying for your safe, enjoyable, relaxing, memory making travel and vacation!

  • Kimmie and the kids

    I used to take many a road trip with the kids when we were in NH and visit my folks in NY so we had it down to a science… I don’t know how you are watching videos (laptop? DVD player attached to back of seats? Vehicle already equipped?) but we just bought an adapter from AutoZone for the trip here to NY from FL and you plug it into the “cigarette lighter/ power outlet” in the car and you can plug in a regular plug for laptop cell phone etc or a USB cord to charge any of your electronics. It worked great! They also have them at Wal-Mart but they were surprisingly cheaper at the auto store. We also packed a personal basket for each child that had paper coloring books crayons books etc and juice boxes and water and crackers etc for them to get to on their own instead of asking everytime they wanted something. This last time I took a package of ham turkey and cheese and cut them into cracker size squares placed them in baggies and then made up baggies of cookies and crackers and you have easy access (and much cheaper) lunchables add a juice box/capri sun etc and you have a much better alternative to mcdonalds or burger king :o) As far as we know Virginia ($2.97) and N Carolina ($2.94) S Carolina ($2.65) are the best place for gas. Dont wait till Georgia to Fill up your tank cuz the prices start going back up as  you head further south …You might be able to look up :o) any other questions please feel free to ask (text my phone 239-465-7710)

  • Aunt Judy and Uncle Ken

    We think you must stop at Aunt Judy’s and Uncle Ken’s for potty break and dinner and maybe a smores!

  • Kimmie and the kids

    I am with your mom on the energy drink subject! NG for you! :o) Have fun! Wear Sunscreen … even if you dont normally.. the salt water makes skin burn easier and the florida sun is brutal! (even when it doesnt feel like it)

  • David Williams

    It looks like you are going through Savannah, Georgia. If you have time, take a mini side
    trip to Tybee, Island Georgia for a couple of hours. You might be able to see dolphins swimming
    off the end of Tybee pier or in the Savanna river. You can also ride the really cool Pedal Bus on Tybee Island.

    • Stevan Sheets

      Thanks for the side-trip ideas, Dave! We couldn’t make it happen on the way down, but we’ll keep it on our list of possibilities for the way home…

  • Money Wise Pastor

    One thing I learned, when driving overnight, is to flip the switch to turn off the interior car lights when the door opens…that way when i had to make a pit stop or buy a Coke, I didn’t wake everybody up with the lights coming on all of a sudden.

    • Stevan Sheets

      That’s a pro-tip for sure!

  • Dave Ward

    Enjoy the hot and sticky man! 

  • Dave Ward

    I mean to say “enjoy the hot and sticky trip COMMA man!” ;)

  • Dave Ward

    p.s. Just got back from Wisconsin Youth Camp and we missed ya out there. Wizgahnsun hasn’t been the same since Stevan hit the scene.