Shippensburg Vigilant Hose and Area EMS Parade

6.16.2012 — 2 Comments

This afternoon the Shippensburg Vigilant Hose firehouse at 129 E. King Street closed and the new “Shippensburg Emergency Services” building at 20 Walnut Bottom Road opened.

Between closing one and opening the other, the Vigilant Hose Company and the Shippensburg Area EMS made their way from the old to the new in symbolic fashion and paraded their vehicles and equipment down Orange Street for all of Shippensburg to see!

The new Shippensburg Emergency Services stands as a welcoming site as folks enter our great town and it has been quite fun to watch it being built over the past couple of years since we arrived. I remember the morning I was driving to the office and they were beginning to tear down the abandoned motel that used to sit on the lot. I even pulled over to film it for a few seconds.

This parade and grand-opening was an event I didn’t want to miss.

Some photos I took during the parade:

A video I also took:

We didn’t have time after the parade to wait around in line for a tour of the new facility, but as soon as I have the opportunity I’m getting a tour of that place – I can’t wait!

  • Thomas Silverstrim

    Thanks for the nice words Mr Sheets.  We’d be happy to provide a tour to you and your family. Feel free to contact the new firehouse at 532-2345.
    T.J. Silverstrim
    Deputy Fire Chief
    Vigilant Hose Co #1

    • Stevan Sheets

      Mr. Silverstrim – 
      So cool to get this comment from you this evening! I will take you up on the tour-offer with my family for sure!