Wesleyan GenCon12 International Rally

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This morning I am privileged to enjoy the International Rally as a part of General Conference.

Some of the highlights from the rally this morning:

photo courtesy of @GenCon2012

Dr. H.C. Wilson, director of Global Partners is leading this rally.

photo courtesy of @GenCon2012

The traditional ‘parade of flags’ – always a beautiful part of our celebration of what God is doing throughout the global reach of our denomination. This year, the parade includes 93 flags, representative of the countries the Wesleyan church is present in.

A powerful update on our second-largest Wesleyan church – Iglesia Wesleyana Norte – in Colombia:

Another powerful update of the Haitian Wesleyan Church and the impact our relief efforts have made in the rebuilding since the earthquake in 2010.

photo courtesy of @GenCon2012

Powerful update and recognition of Doris Wall – a Global Partners Missionary to Guyana.

The Global Parters/Jesus Film Partnership video update (watch the video here) and introduction of “Campaign 300”. An effort to see 300 Wesleyan Churches in Nepal. (Currently, there are 42.) More about the Global Partners partnership with the Jesus Film here.

15 Lessons from Dr. H.C. Wilson’s tenure at Global Partners
01. From Africa – the power of sacrifice
02. From Africa – the power of the Gospel
03. From Asia-area – the power of flexibility (money changers & danger)
04. From Asia-area – the power of creativity
05. From Caribe-Atlantic – the power of perseverance (people walking days to get the Bible in their hands)
06. From Caribe-Atlantic – the power of resilience (Haiti earthquake)
07. From Europe – the power of prayer
08. From Europe – the power of Incarnation (new church plants in Russia, Czec, Poland, etc.)
09. From Ibero-America (Latin America) – the power of Vision (Bogaton church plant)
10. From Ibero-America – the power of Action (not just reason, they “get with it” and get it done)
11. From Pacific – the power of partnership
12. From Pacific – the power of celebration (Papua New Guinea’s celebration of 300-pigs)
13. From Turkey-Caribic – the power of dedication (Stephen Smith, 27 year old GP missionary who lost his life in an accident this year)
14. From Turkey-Caribic – the power of courage (underground churches)

photo courtesy of @GenCon2012

15. The power of innovation – the power of a new idea. (woman in a wedding dress coming down the aisle as a reminder that we are the bride-of-Christ)

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Partaking of communion with the Wesleyan family while pictures of communion services from around the globe are displayed on screen and Scriptures are read in native tongues live by members of our denomination from across the globe.

Hearing “Give Thanks” sung in Spanish and then English tongues after we had just received the elements of communion together.

photo courtesy of @GenCon2012

Spontaneous (powerful) corporate and individual “Prayer of repentance” as a greedy people.

The card we were given after communion:

side 1

side 2

Needed $9,000 in offering today – offering today was MORE THAN $19,000 for Global Partners & Jesus Film Partnership – PRAISE THE LORD!