Wesleyan GenCon 2012 Sunday Evening Rally

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7PM Sunday PM, June 3
Theme: Loving Christ . . . Embracing our World through Urban Evangelism

An update: an anonymous donor gave $20,000 to the Jesus Film/Global Partners Partnership!

Urban Evangelism night – complete with DJ on stage during worship! First song is in Spanish with English subtitles! (very cool)
“Solo Dios puede Salvar Mi Dios puedo Salvar”

photo courtesy of @GenCon2012

Speakers: Rev. Gabriel & Jeanette Salguero
Bio: Rev’s. Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero, are the Senior Pastors of the multicultural Lamb’s Church in New York City. Their life’s work is bringing an ethical framework to public policy and empowering multicultural leadership. The Salguero’s have worked on issues of indigenous leadership development, faith and public policy, as well as racial and economic justice. Rev. Gabriel Salguero is the founder of P.O.G. international, a ministry focused on diversity leadership empowerment and training. He presently serves as the President of the National Latino Evangelical Coaltion. Salguero is an executive member of the Latino Leadership Circle. He is recognized as one of the emerging national leaders among Latino(a) faith leaders.

“God loves languages because God loves people and God loves to speak to people in their own language.”

Jonah –

Many churches are going through a “Joppa moment”.
There are fish that swallow us whole because we decide to go in another direction – because we flee where God is.

God is telling Jonah that God is in the city. Not to take God to the city.

“I speak in tongues: I speak in slang and I speak in seminary.”

“Much of North America suffers from an allergy – an allergy to the other.”

“Sometimes we need to be fish-food in order to be converted.”

“How dare we not love the people who God loves.”

“God is in the business of redeeming people and things that most people wouldn’t want to touch.”

God is saying, “What I have called CLEAN, let NO ONE call unclean.”

“God, help us to see – in ‘junkies’-bishops.”